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Client Testimonials

After years of struggling with body image and disordered eating, working with Amber has led me to a place of self love. Her guidance and intuitive abilities have allowed me to find inner strength, embrace my imperfections, and find happiness in myself. She is approachable and open-minded, making it easy to share with her. Layer by layer, Amber encourages you to dig deep into your psyche and piece-by-piece rebuild your inner narrative. She is uniquely gifted at re-framing problems into positive perspectives and providing tools to tackle future conflicts. My work, my relationships and my overall happiness have all benefited from my exploratory journey with Amber. I now walk the world with a new confidence and I owe it all to my guardian angel, Amber McCullough. Amber is so effective and special, that I am more than willing to drive 45 minutes out of my way to see her each week. She is worth every mile!!--- “

Emily R.

Granada Hills, CA

"From the moment I met Amber I knew she was amazing. She knew things about me that there would be no possible way of her knowing, which reinforced everything I had heard about her. She has a gift like no other. Her ability to guide and heal is like none I've experienced and I am blessed to have found her. Whether you are going for an intuitive reading or a healing session you will not be disappointed.  You will leave her office enlightened and inspired and in return you will have a clearer vision of where you're headed in your life's journey!  I believe in her and recommend her to everyone I know!"

Reece T.

Newbury Park, CA

"I am so blessed to have recently had several sessions with Amber.  Her gentle, caring and sensitive manner put me right at ease and I found peace and great comfort in talking with her.  Her suggestions for personal growth were very insightful and constructive.  She also confirmed what I had sensed regarding a very important person in my life who has passed on.  Amber is a beautiful and intuitive soul with a very special gift!"

Parrish T. 

               Agoura Hills              

"Hmm where to start... 
Well I luckily found  Amber of Heal From Within at a much needed point in my life. I have always been positive, hard working, and curious to what life has in store for me. I was in a place of searching and knew I needed more. Amber is is a life changer! I have had numerous sessions and am so grateful every single one!!!!! I recommend Amber's service to everyone. She is the ultimate healer, guide and gift! Thank you Amber for all of your amazing work! Xo"

Emily P.

Santa Barbara, CA


"Amber is amazing!! She is so intuitive and right on with her advice! She knew things about me and my personal life that were never divulged. Her reconnective healing techniques give you the energy to connect with your inner self and receive guidance from the universe. Such a skilled and sweet lady. I will recommend her again and again!!"


Laurie M.

Newbury Park, CA


"For months, I had been dealing with pain in my joints, pain that never went away.  I was told by my medical professional that it was arthritis and was given a prescription to take daily for relief!  After months of taking the medication, the pain went into my deep muscles, my muscles were so sore and sensitive to touch that sometime I could barely get up from my chair.  Once again, I was advised by my medical professional that I was having a reaction to the "statin" medication that I was taking for my high cholesterol.  I was told to stop the "statin" and start taking "red rice yeast".  I knew that there was something more to what the doctors were telling me because anxiety was starting to set in and I just didn't feel good!  I knew that I needed to find a more holistic and natural approach to live my life!  Finally, I made an appointment with Amber and immediately she told me my body was full of inflammation.  The recommendations that Amber gave me were so simple that I thought how could this possibility help me!  A Gluten Free Diet!!!  Well, within 5 days, my life had changed!  My muscle stiffness and soreness was almost gone and I knew I was on my way to recovery.  It has been three months now and I can't tell you how my life has changed!  I am so thankful for Amber, she has truly changed my life."


Dianne M. 

Santa Barabara



"I have known Amber many years on both a personal and professional level. Whenever I am struggling with something Amber is my go to person because not only does she allow me to talk openly and provides me with her undivided attention, she creates a safe space and undeniably amazing insight and advice. Regardless of whether you're dealing with an emotional, medical or social issue, Amber will work through it with you and I recommend her services."


Erika M.

Camarillo, CA



"I'm an entrepreneur. And that often isn't easy. There are obstacles, both mental, emotional and spiritual. Amber can help you navigate the minefield of life. While I still have my moments like any human, I'm calmer, more patient and more confident. Plus, I'm a business guy and I don't use things that don't work. And Amber works."


Erik D.

Santa Monica, CA



"Amber is extremely kind, gentle, friendly, and genuinely cares about people and what she does. She has a natural inclination to help, to heal, to guide her clients and to make them feel comfortable. She is one of the rare ones that is extraordinarily passionate about what she does and wants to help heal the world. =)"


Lala B.

Westlake Village, CA



"I agree with the fact that Amber is extremely kind, gentle, friendly, and genuinely cares about people and what she does.  I felt extremely comfortable talking to Amber and felt that she really genuinely cared about what I was saying.  I don't usually write reviews, but I feel comfortable recommending Amber to help you with spiritual or emotional issues in your life."


Luis L.

Sherman Oaks, CA



"I have had several sessions with Amber and she is THE BEST!!!  Each time I leave with such a feeling of being seen, understood and with lots of clarity and insight into the issues I bring to her.  I have had several complicated issues in the relationships in my life and each time I feel that she not only understands what I am going through, but also understands the other person and what is going on with them.  This has been so helpful in guiding me through these issues --- and in each case has greatly helped my relationships.  However you define these things, my experience is that Amber  takes a lot of the pieces of what I am experiencing and puts them together in a way that is so healing and helpful.  I value her guidance immensely."


Jacque S.

Woodland Hills, CA

"I came to Amber honestly for entertainment purposes I didn't expect to get much out of my psychic medium reading.  Secretly though I was hoping my boss who recently passed away would come through but I thought it was too soon after his passing.  

Skeptical I sat down and bam the very first person she started to describe who was coming through it was the physical description of my boss I swear it was so weird.  She relayed to me some messages that were not generic and completely were on point about situations that happened recently between him and I.  Most of all he came through with messages about how to help me with lessons from his life and his perspective. When I asked her about different people, such as tell me about the son or son in law she was so accurate about the personalities of each individual.

Amber was very empathetic and genuine.  I would highly recommend a reading if you have never done one.  There is definitely a healing benefit and it is entertaining in a good way.  Knowing that people we cherish in our lives are not just gone is very comforting and Amber is so sweet.

Thank you so much Amber!!"

Nicole N.

Thousand Oaks, CA

"Finding someone who can help you release the negativity and remove the blockages so that your energy flows unimpeded is what the Reconnection is about. I had always questioned the “why” of things in my life.  I always knew that we needed help (or a guide) to overcome what life hands us.  In addition, the question of “where do I really belong & what should I really be doing” has always haunted me.  As is the way of cosmic consciousness and things beyond this world, by a series of strange coincidences, I found an amazing Reconnection healer here in the Conejo Valley.

And so it was that I was introduced to Amber.

I have had several healing sessions with her, including the 2-day Reconnection session.

In working with Amber and in particular utilizing both the Reconnection as well as her Intuitive Counseling I can honestly say that its been working in a most incredible way.  I know that some major blockages have been released especially the emotional trauma of my birth and physical trauma of my early childhood.

With her guidance I have been able to let go of the emotional pain that has plagued me and the ability to feel the joy that comes in releasing that negativity is truly astounding.

That is something that I wish for everyone: To be able to feel the gift of JOY in one’s life and to pass it on! I was so impressed with Amber’s caring and empathy as well as her deep understanding and compassion for others that I bought several members of my family for healing sessions.  Similar positive and beneficial results were experienced by them as well.

The Reconnection is assisting our energy to flow unimpeded by emotions that cause us such troubles. As I experienced this breakthrough with Amber, I felt that much physical healing was taking place in my body simultaneously.  Once plagued by insomnia, I no longer have troubles with that issue.  In addition, I also received a healing in my left arm, which had been permanently weakened Through a work accident. Where once I was not able to carry too much weight with that arm, now I no longer experience that weakness as I did in the past. Another incredible occurrence dealt with serious chronic foot spasms that were very unpredictable and quite painful, lasting sometimes up to 20 to 30 minutes at a time. That no longer occurs! There is also a new direction in my life and a new purpose & resolve.  Things seem much clearer now.  My goals are very much within reach.                                                                     

I cannot express my deep gratitude for Amber’s assistance during the last 12 months and I highly recommend her. Everyone’s experience with the Reconnection will be profoundly unique & different & I would urge everyone to look into this new modality of healing.  It turns out the Universe knows what each of us needs to heal, whether its physical, emotional or spiritual."

Elouise V.

Thousand Oaks, CA