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Restore the Mind, Body, and Spirit to its Natural State of Well-Being and Harmony.


Spiritual Counseling


Spiritual Counselling is built off of Spiritual principles, where the treatment approach is holistic and metaphysically based.
My mission is to meet each client's individual needs by developing a program that is aimed at addressing and working through the client's specific situation, whether they are physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. I focus on uncovering the underlying issues that may be contributing to an imbalance in the client's physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 

 Universal Energy Healing

 Universal Energy Healing is an alternative medicine modality that utilizes universal energy frequencies, light, and information to restore the Body, Mind, and Spirit back to its natural state of well being. It works on the energetic field that exist around and within your body.

Within just one session, this form of alternative medicine will provide a healing on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels, giving you the opportunity to live a healthy, balanced and fulfilled life. This work is also beneficial for those who wish to obtain a sense of centeredness and serenity as well as those struggling with:

*Anxiety  *Addictions *Arthritis *Cancers  *Cerebral Palsy  *Chronic & Acute Pain *Depression  *Derma Issues *Epilepsy      *Eating Disorders *Fibromyalgia *Illness *Injury  *Insomnia  *MS *Post Surgery *PTSD *STDs *Trauma

Once the energy frequencies are activated they will continue to promote healing and restore balance to the mind, body and spirit long after the sessions are completed. This is a great form of Alternative and Holistic Healing!

Psychic Medium Readings

This is a form of guidance that utilizes the Practitioner's Psychic Medium abilities to communicate with Spirit and develop a clear knowing of what issues the client needs to address at that point in time. By opening up the channels of Intuition, Divine Guidance comes through regarding any issues that have remained buried or unknown to the client's current situation which may be contributing to their current physical, mental, and emotional state. As a Psychic Medium, I will relay messages that come through Spirit and provide specific direction and tools to help them heal and establish harmony in their Mind, Body, and Spirit.